Playing The Piano – Learn Online Or From A Local Teacher?

child hands learning to play the piano

If you are trying to master playing the piano, should you learn from online courses or should you actually engage a local piano teacher in Singapore from a website like

Here are some factors that you want to consider:

  1. Are you intending to eventually take the piano ABRSM examinations?

    It is strongly recommended that if your end goal is to pass the examinations, then you should learn from a local piano tutor. They will be able to guide you and teach you nuances which cannot be learnt from a simple online course. This is because feedback is a very important part of learning to play the piano – and that cannot be achieved from an online course.

  2. Are you want to learn to play the piano only for a particular occasion?

    Some people only want to learn to play a musical instrument for a one time event. It could be for a school event, work event or marriage proposal. In those cases, it would probably be far cheaper and sensible to simply practise on an electronic keyboard and buying an online course. Self study is definitely the way to go in this case.

  3. How fast would you like to master playing the instrument?

    If you are not in a hurry, then going for online courses can be a cheaper and better option. However, if you are in urgent need to master playing the piano, even if it is for a one time event, then learning from a local piano teacher is the better decision.

  4. Do you intend to teach music lessons and become a piano teacher in future?
    If so, then you definitely want to explore into the option of getting a piano teacher. It is important that you get all the fundamentals right from the start. If you pick up bad playing habits, it can get quite difficult to correct it once the habits have set.