How Much Do Private Piano Teachers In Singapore Really Make?

Before you become a full time piano tutor in Singapore, you want to make sure that it is a sustainable and rewarding career. If you have instead already made up your mind that you want to be one, then you can contact SG LEARN PIANO, a highly recommended online piano student-teacher match up agency to help you get home piano lesson jobs. At the end of the day, a career is meant to be financially rewarding, otherwise, it will be called a hobby and not a career.

So, how much can you expect to make as a piano teacher in Singapore?

There are both school teachers who are employed at music schools in shopping malls, as well as self employed home piano teachers. For the purpose of this article, let us only talk about the expected salary and income for self employed piano tutors in Singapore.

Are you willing to work every day?

Some people are lazy and want to take it slow. Some are hard charging. Do you intend to work daily if possible? If so, you will definitely make more money than your fellow piano teachers in Singapore because you have 30 days to make money per month versus just 22 days for others. So let us take for example that you are a hard charging individual and want to make a successful career out of teaching students piano lessons. You are ok with working 30 days a month.

Estimate of how many students you can take on

An average lesson is 1 hour in length, if you take 1 hour to travel between each student’s home, then each student will take you 2 hours. Assuming you can get 4 students per day and that you work for 8 hours, although 4 of them are just you travelling around Singapore, you will have approximately 28 students in total. This is because you work 7 days a week.

This is the estimated amount that an average private music teacher can earn

The average monthly charges for piano lessons per month per student in Singapore is around $210. This takes an average of $120 for grade 1 students up till $300 for grade 8 students. This means a whopping $5880 a month for you! That is of course with working 7 days a week. What if you intend to work 5 days a week instead then? That is still a very respectable $4200 a month income for you working as a private home piano teacher in Singapore.

Remember, there is no price for freedom.

Even highly paid employees at corporations are sometimes (regularly) made to feel worse than human slaves. Yet as a private piano tutor in Singapore, you set your hours, teach students you love, and then make a very decent income in Singapore! That is actually a big reason why many people are becoming piano tutors now. Additionally, thanks to Grab and previously Uber in Singapore, the gig economy is much more accepted socially now in Singapore, and is also seen as something sustainable and not a hobby! In fact, as you can see from our conservative projections above, it is pretty reasonable.