How To Properly Prepare For A Piano Exam

Passing your ABRSM piano exams on your first try and with distinctions is what every single music student in Singapore wants. Here are some tips to help you achieve that. If you are looking for a home piano teacher in Singapore, then click here instead.

First of all, you want to practise on your piano without using the pedals so that you can make sure that your finger playing is really connecting well. A lot of people depend too much on the pedals, and do not actually play the piano well. To the layman, it may all sound the same. However, for your piano exams and especially to a professional examiner, he or she will be able to easily spot such weaknesses which you are covering up. Therefore, always practise without using the pedals from time to time during your practice sessions.

Second of all, you want to play mentally. One of the best tricks to play the piano well and ace the ABRSM piano exams is to play the pieces away from the piano. This is because if you can conceptualise the music, the playing, the fingering, the pedal work and everything else without even moving your fingers and without looking at a keyboard, this means that you really know your scores. If you have your pieces and scales mastered to this level, you will be able to be very confident during your actual piano exam. Some people over-depend on muscle memory alone, and can run into trouble if they press one wrong key. Mishaps can happen to even the best concert pianists! But, if you can master your pieces and scales till this level for your exam, you are definitely at least the same level as professional pianists in this regard, and will be able to overcome any accidental mishits during your playing.

Third of all, before you even have your exam, make sure to play through your exams for your friends or family. Have the setting be comfortable but formal. For example, have your friends or family to sit next to you stoned-face and asking you to play. In fact, you can even ask them to be rude. When you are used to such harsh environments during your practice, nothing during the actual piano exam can throw you off your guard!

For more tips, make sure to refer to the following video which teaches you how to prepare for a piano exam!